We are digital people

Offer qualified digital talent

We truly believe that hiring processes should be always fast, easy, pleasant and transparent.

Our will to grow and our professional experience in many digital roles have made us the digital experts we are today. That’s why we easily understand and identify which type of digital candidate is needed to develop each of our clients’ digital projects.

Where do we come from?

DyaDigital is born from DYAINGENIERIA ETT, a top-performing temporary employment agency with more than 30 years of expertise in the engineering, architecture, energy and construction industries.

More than 100 clients trust in our expertise to find the right qualified professionals to take their projects forward successfully.

Thanks to our extended professional background in HR, now we are able to use our expertise and develop our know-how to hire digital candidates in the most reliable and efficient way.


We believe that being transparent with both our candidates and clients is the first step towards the quality service we always look for.


We seek quality in every step of our hiring service, from the search and selection of the right candidate until the end of the employment contract.


It’s our passion for the digital world and eagerness to learn about the latest tech and digital trends what drives us to find the best digital talent.


We want to see our client’s projects to rocket so we fully compromise ourselves with them in order to find their perfect fit and make this happen.