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Here we build a digital community, not a database

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We are digital people, just like you

You have mad skills, but it’s not always easy to find an employer that notices and value them. We’ve been in that situation many times so we understand you. We can help you find rewarding jobs cause we only work with clients who are willing to invest in people like you to succeed in their digital projects.

We win only when you succeed

Tired of recruiters who seem to be more interested in their commission than in your career? We get it. We are not any run-of-the-mill employment agency. We carefully assess our candidates cause we don’t get commissions for introducing talent to employers. We only make money when you get hired.

We seek quality

We take seriously the talent and the career of the tech and digital professionals in our digital community. Here you will only find passionate people who get really involved learning, growing and overcoming their own capabilities and competencies everyday.

Gain ongoing career advice

We don’t want you to get stuck in a role that doesn’t allow you to improve your competencies and skills. With us, you will get to know the latest digital and technological and tools and trends to stay in tune. We will also keep reaching you for job opportunities that matches your interests and will always offer you the career advice you need.

Get involved in new challenges

Have you ever felt tired of doing the same every single day at your job? Most people think it’s normal to feel this way at work but we don’t. Our people feel motivated at their job day after day cause they strive for success in temporary projects that actually have a clear objective and deadline.

Combine your own independent projects

We know how difficult it is to drive forward a project on your own. If you are a freelancer you can keep balancing your own independent projects with the projects of our clients. You will also get to reduce your freelancer fee by 50% and you will be covered with all employee benefits.

How does it work?


Join our community

We aim to build a strong digital community, not a big database of candidates. We love to take the time to meet people who are passionate about digital and technology as much as we are. We don’t only pay attention to your competencies and experience but also to your interests and personality. Getting to know you so well allows us to send you job opportunities that really match your profile.


Get selected

We always share the job opportunities of our clients with our community first. We really take care of the assessments and selection process cause we share a very limited list of possible candidates with our clients. The final interview is conducted directly with our client so you both have the chance to get to know each other.


Get hired

If the company gets impressed by your profile and the job offer is interesting for you, we quickly manage all the process to hire you. You will be part of DyaDigital team and work for our client for a limited period of time. Once the project is over, you can always keep being part of our community for new projects.