Finding top digital professionals is a long and hard process

So we do it for you. We are experts in hiring the best and right talent for you

Why to work with us?

Your time is precious

Do you spend many hours screening hundreds of resumes that don’t actually fit with what you are looking for? We understand you. The market moves fast and you don’t want to waste more time in applicants that are not right for you. We quickly introduce to you a very limited number of people who really meet your needs.

Forget about the paperwork and extra fees

Leave us all the tedious and costly paperwork that limits the time you can dedicate to other things: salary payments, charges on labour like Social Security, health care and accident insurances, absenteeism costs, paid leave, costs for the termination of the contract, etc.

Hire digital quality

We know in deep the professional profiles that companies need to accomplish their digital and tech projects. We commit ourseleves to introduce to you the talent that has the professional knowledge and experience that you need and that fits your company culture too.

Pay only for what you need

We are not any run-of-the-mill employment agency and we don’t charge any fee if you don’t get impressed by any of our candidates. To hire the talent that will lead you to success is the most important thing for us so we carefully screen our talent to find the right fit for you.

In which kind of situations we can help you hire?

  • In order to carry out a given project that is limited in time, even if the duration is uncertain.
  • Any time you need professionals to attend to the circumstantial requirements of the market.
  • Any time you need to temporary fill a fixed post until the selection process for this post finishes.
  • In order to temorary replace employees who are entitled to return to their job by provision of law (sick leave, parental leave, temporary invalidity, personal leave, etc.)

How does it work?


We identify your need

Tell us about the position you are looking for so we can quickly filter and qualify the candidates who fit your needs in our highly-cultivated community of top digital and tech people.


We select your best fit

After carefully assessing our talent, we share with you a very limited number of candidates so you can get to know them ans decide which one is perfect for you. Meanwhile, we keep searching top professionals until we find your right one.


We hire the candidate

If you get impressed by one of our candidates, we quickly handle all the labour administrative formalities and paperwork so you can start working with that person easily avoiding extra hiring costs.