Digital jobs

    The increasing demand of professionals with digital and tech competencies in Spain is already a reality. In its latests studies, the Observatorio Adei expects 3,2 millions of job offers related to digital in the next 15 years. The OECD has also estimated that 10% of the current jobs will disappear and 25% will be transformed in digital job offers in the next years. All of this is due to the digital transformation that has happened or is happening right now in every company.

    Taking into account this data plus the fact that today’s labor market is more dynamic and demanding than ever before, in DyaDigital we aim to help our clients to find candidates with technical or/and digital experience that are right for their needs. And how do we do it? Always according our values: transparency, quality, passion and commitment.

    In this section, we publish many jobs in Spain for the most demanding digital, it and tech professional profiles. You can find your next job typing directly in the search box or filtering by specialty, salary expectations, years of experience…

    Currently we are specialized in hiring the following professional profiles: App Developer, Web Developer, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Digital Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, E-commerce Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, RTB and Programmatic Specialist, SEM Specialist, SEO Specialist, Graphic Designer and UI / UX Designer.